St Ninian's Kirk St Ninian's KirkThe Friends of St Ninian’s (FOSN) was formed in 2008 and fulfilled its aim of purchasing St Ninian’s Kirk also known as  the Lower Kirk or  the Owld  Kirk, in June 2008.

By 2010 The Friends of St Ninian’s had become both a Company Limited by Guarantee(SC35779) with a board of 12 Directors, ( link to Contacts) and a registered charity (SC040794).

FOSN has hosted a wide range of events since its birth, in the Kirk and the Deerness Community Hall, including St Magnus Festival and Christmas concerts, talks, an exhibition with Deerness’s other volunteer organisation, teas and an open doors day event. The Kirk has seen funerals, a wedding, Meg Harrald’s memorable 90th birthday concert, been used as the base for the finds work from the archaeological dig on the Brough of Deerness and the gathering point for donated goods for FOSN’s stint in the Blue Door, Orkney’s community charity shop.

FOSN ‘S aims and objectives are:

  • to advance the education of the public in Orkney and elsewhere in the history of St Ninian’s Kirk and the historical, cultural and social development of the local community
  • to use St Ninian’s building as a community resource for religious, artistic, cultural, educational and social activities
  • to maintain the building of St Ninian’s Kirk and preserve its heritage for the benefit of the community, and
  • to maintain the building’s integrity as a place of worship; establish and maintain a community space for activities including musical events , craft and educational workshops, exhibitions and social functions; to carry out any other activities in furtherance of the above objects.