World War 1 Commemorations 2019

The Deerness World War 1 project draws to an end in 2019 when we remember the last two boys on the War Memorial. Firstly, we remember James Clouston Dick who contracted TB whilst in the Royal Navy, and died on 28 September 1919 in the Seaforth Sanatorium, Dingwall and is buried in Mitchell Hill Cemetery there. We have no photo of James Dick, nor do we know much of his story prior to joining the Royal Navy in 1916. We have searched far and wide for a photograph -- if you have any ideas where we might find one, please get in touch. He is the only one of the 13 boys on the Memorial for whom we have no picture. 

Then, last of the 13, we remember James Cromarty who died on 19 December 1919, of septicaemia, in Craigleith Hospital,Edinburgh. A wound refused to heal and James, first cousin of three others on the Deerness Memorial,  William and James Craigie and David Linklater, slipped away just before Christmas 1919. 

In the past year we have remembered David Linklater who was killed in Salonika, and John Wick, Australian Army, shot in France. A good-sized group also gathered at 0600 in the dark on Sunday 11 November to remember the centenary of the Armistice, whilst Raymie Peace played the Battle's O'er. It was a most moving event, followed by another big turn-out for the 1100 service, led by Rev Wilma Johnston. 

The aim is to have the stories of all 13 on the website and in a booklet, to be produced sometime in 2020. In the meantime, join us for a talk about all the boys, and some of those who served and survived, at St Ninian's at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10 July.

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