The Linklater Brothers from Upper Braebuster

Attached are photographs of the 5 Linklater brothers from Upper Braebuster in Deerness.


David Linklater

David was killed in Salonika on 18 January 1918 [exactly 100 years ago this week]. His 4 brothers survived World War1.

Robert Linklater

Robert emigrated to Canada pre-1914 and served with the Canadian Army.

James Linklater

James served in the British Army and subsequently emigrated to Canada.

Alfie Linklater

Jock and Alfie remained in Orkney and

Jock Linklater

Jock's family still farm Upper Braebuster in Deerness.

We will be remembering David and his brothers later this year, in early April, in St Ninian's Kirk, when we also remember John Wick, another Deerness boy killed during WW1.

In the meantime we're looking for any photographs, documents, information relating to the Linklater boys and their service in World War 1 and we'll be glad to hear from anyone who can add anything to their stories.

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