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An Old Soldier's Tale

Created: Monday, 12 September 2016 20:59

"There is a house in Deerness which has been called The Sergeant’s for as long as anyone can remember. You’ll not find that name on any map but ask and you’ll be directed to a single storey, traditional house on the left about half-way through the parish.

The Serjeants House

Ask why it’s called The Sergeant’s and you might hear of  WW1, the Boer War, or the Crimea, but its pedigree is older than that, going back to Napoleon and the retirement in 1817 of Quartermaster Sergeant Robert Stove of the British Army who came home then to Deerness and his house and family."
This is a qute from the beginning of a very interesting article by the Orkney Archive about Robert Stove, born in Deerness in 1768, who went on to lead a fascinating life. Follow the story on the Orkney Archive blog from 29 August on