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Week 3 Highlights

Created: Monday, 18 July 2011 21:34

Norse gaming board found at the Brough of DeernessWell that's us halfway through our six week project now and the pace just keeps on going. This week as well as continued good numbers visiting the exhibition and Mermaid Cafe, we were also really delighted to become temporary caretakers for object number 101 - a norse gaming board discovered as part of the 2011 archaeological dig on the Brough of Deerness. We also

enjoyed a fantastic musical evening in St Ninian's Kirk when the rafters were rocked with a medely of musical styles all performed by hugely talented Deerness connected folk. We then took advantage of our location by viewing the Tall Ships as they sailed around Deerness on their sail challenge from Kirkwall to Stromness - a truly majestic sight - even though the weather was slightly murky. Our third week was then finished off with an impressive turnout of visitors to the Open Day at the Brough of Deerness when approximately 100 adventurous souls took up the invitation to view the work undertaken on the Brough as part of the 2011 archaeological dig. Yet another varied, successful and enjoyable week - roll on week 4!