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Official Opening of Deerness in 100 Objects

Created: Friday, 17 June 2011 13:29

On Wednesday, 29 June, everyone is welcomed along to the official opening of Deerness in 100 Objects at the Deerness Hall commencing 10.30am.

To mark the opening of the Exhibition and Cafe and to signify the start of our summer of events in Deerness, we plan to release 100 Balloons - but we need lots of folk along to help us set them free!

Could you help?

All 100 Balloons will have a postcard attached to them, advertising the Deerness in 100 Objects project and asking the finder to return the details of where the balloon is found. The names of all those attending the opening event will also be taken when you are given your Balloon to release.

So, come along and help us celebrate the start of our project - and find out how far your balloon travels this summer!!