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Some Dates for your 2015 Diary

Here are a few dates for your diary.......some coming up soon, others for later in the year. If you don't have a calendar to put them on pop along to Deerness Stores and pick one up!!

All events will take place in Deerness Community Centre - more details nearer the time, so keep an eye on this page or the Facebook page.

Quiz Night, Friday 13th February. £6 entry for a team of 4, supper and great raffles!

Community Centre AGM, Tuesday 28th April - come along and support us!

Plants and Teas, 17th May, 3-6pm.

Orkney Folk Festival comes to Deerness, Thursday 21st May.

Deerness Community Centre at the Blue Door, 19th - 24th October......start collecting your unwanted items now!

Harvest Home, 30th October.

Craft Fair in aid of FOSN in November.

And finally.........there are hundreds of trees for planting to enhance the area around the community centre. Could you spare some time to lend a hand with the planting on Saturday 17th Jan (10am - 3pm) or Sunday 18th Jan (1pm - 3pm) permitting? Just turn up with some wellies, some waterproofs, a spade and bags of enthusiasm! Hope to see you there - many hands make light work!!