Bird Report - November 2019

Not a lot to report this month, coupled with the fact that I haven't been out and about as much as usual.

Recently there has been an influx of Blackbirds and Redwings which will be passing through as they migrate. Each year at this time I always get these birds in the front field when they come out to feed having left the shelter of the little plantation where they obviously roost.

I had a walk down the track from Halley Road on the 5th and saw a Skylark and 5 Snipe flying up after being disturbed.

Back home on the 7th I reached for the binoculars to watch a Willow Warbler taking a bath in the shallow water tray. Nice to see.

Driving past Skaill on the 13th a flock of Twite (or possibly Linnets) flew up the road ahead of me.

People have been watching out for Waxwings and I was rewarded on the 15th when a single bird landed in the garden. I rushed out with apples but sadly the bird did not stay long. The following day 3 Waxwings were on the Rosa Rugosa bushes. My neighbour Anne Reitzug also had Waxwings on her Rosas.

I took the photo of this Waxwing nine years ago when the bird was eating apple on the lawn.

What a nice photo opportunity.

Waxwing 1

An occasional Dunnock pays a visit to Sunnybank and this was the case on the 18th when the bird joined the flock eating goodies I had thrown down.

Robins have been noticeable during November - I had visits on the 19th, 25th and 29th.

Driving past Sandside on the 20th I stopped quickly as I saw a big flock of birds landing in the field adjacent to the path. These were Curlews and I was impressed to count a total of 130. What a lovely sight.

November 23rd saw the Greylag Goose Count on Orkney mainland. My tally for Deerness was 2760 although I understand a shooting party had been out earlier in the day. The highest number I saw in Deerness was at Aikerskaill where there were over 400 birds.

I regularly see Greenfinches but haven't seen any for a while so I was pleased to watch two underneath the bird feeder on the 26th.

Neighbours Anne and Henry Reitzug had a chuckle on the morning of the 28th when they spotted a male Pheasant on the windowsill pecking at the glass!

My final sighting of the month was another Snipe the only bird to be seen at Sandside when I took a walk there on the 29th.

Colder weather is now upon us so another reminder to keep the bird feeders topped up and provide water daily. On a couple of occasions so far this winter I have had to break the ice on drinkers to allow the birds to take water and  bathe.

Pauline Wilson