Bird Report - June 2019

I have not too much to report this time; a week away meant less opportunity for me to be out and about (although I did enjoy some nice birds in the Inverness area - tree creeper, goldfinch, chiffchaff,  whinchat, dipper, baby wheatears just to mention a few).

Back at Sunnybank there is a Wren nesting in the back garden and a Blackbird successfully fledged 3 chicks on a shelf in the greenhouse. Greenfinches must have bred nearby as juveniles have visited the feeder along with adult birds. Of course the Starlings and House Sparrows have been entertaining me as their young families followed the adults around begging for food.

 I am happy to report plenty of bees in the garden also thanks to wildflowers, many of which have moved in of their own accord - I have a particularly nice display of Pink and White Campion.

Quite a lot of Pied Wagtails are around. Marlene Rorie reported seeing light grey ones and, as I understand it, these will be juveniles so nice to know they are doing well. Marlene and Ivor have also enjoyed seeing the young Eiders down below their home while at the Geo I also have seen quite a number of young so it's good they have managed to survive when there are so many gulls and bonxies on the lookout for a meal!

Swallows, House Martins and Sand Martins all seem to be doing well in the parish. I see young Swallows on the wing as the parent birds concentrate on rearing a second batch - in a good year sometimes even a third.

I often visit Sandside and had a  particularly enjoyable evening walk on the 16th when the plaintive calls of Seals greeted me as I walked down the track - I could see quite a number on the skerries. Not too many birds to report - two Pied Wagtails, a few Linnets, a number of Meadow Pipits, an agitated pair of Oystercatchers, Starlings were in the bushes and a Wren was loudly singing. Flowers were a joy to behold including a lovely display of Sweet Rocket, bright yellow Rapeseed, blue Forget Me Not, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Northern Marsh Orchid, Rosa Rugosa. Butterflies were a bonus with quite a number of Painted Ladies to be seen, just one Red Admiral and several of the smaller Green-veined Whites.


Green Veined White Butterfly

photo of green-veined white butterfly by Gerry Cannon.


That's all this time. I hope the weather is a little warmer by the time I write the July report.

Pauline Wilson