Bird Report - June 2017

Nobody can fail to see the yellow vista all around the parish at this time of year as Buttercups stand proudly in bloom - not the favourite of farmers I am sure!

There was exciting news on June 2nd when Marie Fotheringham rang to say a Corncrake was calling in the field between Lynegar and Esnaphy. The male bird called for a number of nights before disappearing, probably due to a night of wind and heavy rain.

Another calling bird, but this time a sweeter song, was heard and seen at Sunnybank when a bonny male Linnet perched on the fence singing away, while in our small wooded area a Greenfinch male made its unmistakeable call.

Unfortunately the Wren nest in our byre is still unoccupied but I still hear a male singing so maybe there is time yet for a female to move in.

Harsher calls were heard on the 16th when I took a walk from Hacco down to the shore and it was impossible not to notice Oystercatchers fussing and flying around, no doubt with the intention of protecting young birds. Also on the walk I saw a Skylark with feed in its beak, obviously heading for a family close by.


Photo of Skylark by Gerry Cannon.

It's all about breeding at this time of year - it's a delight to look out of the window and see two or three baby Sparrows following a parent and begging for food, likewise Starlings who are trying to learn to fend for themselves as parents get on with a second brood.


Photo of Starling with nesting material by Gerry Cannon.

A wader perched on a fencepost is a sure sign that a brood it not too far away.


Photo of Redshank by Gerry Cannon.


Pauline Wilson