Bird Report - February 2017

It was a nice start to February when, on the 1st day of the month, a Sparrowhawk was lurking in the bushes in our small plantation, eventually flying off for pastures new.

Two sightings of Robins have brightened up my day - one was pecking on the lawn on the 10th while another paid a visit on the very last day of February.

As I was walking through our goat paddock I startled a Snipe which flew off in its unmistakable fashion, giving a loud call as it went.

The shore at Newark on the 11th revealed just a small group of waders, mostly Ringed Plovers and Redshanks.

I had many more sightings the following day during my beached birds survey at Sandside Bay.

As I walked down the track I noticed Celandines were starting to show so by now their bright yellow flowers will be cheering us up.

A flock of small birds flew past me onto the beach. As I walked on I realised these were Twite. There were lots of tiny flies in the sand and seaweed and the birds were having a fine feast of these. Also joining in the meal were a handful of Rock Pipits. At the far end of the beach were 7 Redshanks along with 2 Common Gulls. As I walked back up the track 4 Hooded Crows came into view as they spent time in the field below Creya.

Passing Staye on my way back home I stopped the car to view approximately 300 Greylag Geese feeding in the field across the road. As I was watching, my attention was drawn to a male Hen Harrier which was working its way up the fence past the geese and made a play for a passing Starling which was lucky to escape. The raptor continued its way along the fence, followed the turn, crossed the road and eventually disappeared behind Staye. A lovely sighting!

On February 14th keen bird watcher Gerry Cannon paid a visit to Deerness when he walked from Lighthouse Corner to the Point of Ayre then to Newark Bay, the Geo and on the road to Dingieshowe. His bird tally was 2 Hen Harriers, 6 Ravens, 6 Purple Sandpipers, 20 Turnstones, 83 Golden Plovers and 3 Hares.


Our photo from Gerry Cannon shows Copinsay taken during his walk.

Many species will be thinking about breeding now so listen out for calling males. I heard by first Skylark on the 26th and on the very same day a handsome Greenfinch was singing away, showing off before the ladies!

Spring is definitely in the air!

 Pauline Wilson