Bird Report - December 2014

Well another year ends and, bird-wise, there is not much to report, mainly because of the awful weather we have been having recently.

The Rooks I mentioned last time are still moving around the parish. I have seen them in our field on several occasions. Greylag Geese are to be seen also but there doesn't seem quite so many as usual.

Also still around (on the 14th) is the Grey Phalarope which is reported to be still at the Geo slip. I haven't seen this myself but will take a look next time I am there.

Another species still flitting about at the Geo end of Newark is a small group of Twite which must be finding something interesting to feed on as they investigate the plants along the shore.

Driving down the Newhouse Road on December 4th it was nice to see a Hen Harrier out hunting in the field above the Links. Another raptor - this time a Kestrel - was hard to mistake as it hovered above Moira Eunson's top field right at the side of the road.

We had an unusual sighting on the 11th of 2 Skylarks on the lawn in front of our house. I think the atrocious weather had brought them out of their usual habitat as they searched for food. 


Skylark by Ian Cunningham.

We have had a lot of Blackbirds in the field at the front of the house - one day I counted ten, along with a Redwing. These will have been migrant birds.

In the garden our great number of House Sparrows and, to a lesser extent, Starlings have been joined by a host of Greenfinches eager to get at the sunflower seeds I scatter on the lawn each day. I am also feeding currants, bread, porridge oats, peanuts and dried meal worms just now, as well as apples which attract the Blackbirds. A male Chaffinch seems to have joined the flock also as I have noticed this for several days now and, of course, a Robin is adding a nice Christmas touch!

While out spotting birds at Sandside Bay on the 21st one birdwatcher was lucky enough to see at least 4 Orca Whales before they headed off to the north.

That's all to report this time. Remember to feed the birds and help them through the winter months - there's a long way to go yet before spring!

Pauline Wilson